Laudspeaker Cable Serenuc C270

Laudspeaker Cable Serenuc C270

SERENUS loudspeaker cables are divided into classes depending on the devices
Class C is dedicated for listeners of music lovers with High-End equipment.

Aplication recomendation: tube amplifiers and full range speakers.
The first listening experience is a phenomenal space and magnificent spread of the music scene.
The location of the apparent sound sources is the undisputed virtue of Serenus Class C.

Thehigh frequecnes may also be the reason for complete satisfaction. It works great with the rest,
is expressive pleasant and clear. It does not impose or dominate, but it gives all the information.

Serenus Class C is based on the excellent German speaker wire factory,
having more than 100 years of experience in the production of copper cables.
Banana plugs are Hungarian KaCsa made of beryllium copper in aluminum body.

Hand Made in Poland based on the highest quality components.


Length2 x 270cm
Outer diameter14mm
Inductance at 1kHZ0,6uH/1mt
ConnectorsKaCsa berillium cooper gold plated
Single core6 sq mm